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Our Stallions (not standing to outside mares at this time)

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Our beloved deceased stallions....they will never be forgotten

We’ve retained frozen semen on both of these studs, we will consider (to only approved mares) breeding outside mares, but mostly we’ve retained to continue their legacy and breed our mares!

The above stallions now standing are both direct sons of them, that is how much we believe in them!


Alen's Gen Pusher

Homozygous for Tobiano, registered TWHBEA and SSHBEA

Alan was an excellent stud, he has great bloodlines and natural gaits. His disposition is so calm, he doesn't act like your typical stallion. Alen was with us for many years and was a real gentleman to the mares and his babies. We purchased Alen from Heaven Gait Farms, NC. Alen has produced 100% spotted colts to date. He also carries 1 cream gene & dilutes often as you will see in his offspring. Alen stood 15 hands




Alen's Offspring


Pusher's Silver Image

Maximum Sabino Homozygous for Sabino, Neg. Lethal Overo, registered TWHBEA

Image was a beautiful colored Maximum Sabino with a few grey roan spots he is directly by the Pusher, stood about 15:1 hands and had a great disposition. We purchased Image from Denmar Farms, Shelbyville, KY. Guarenteed to splash up his offspring.



Images's Offspring