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RickyJoy Howard reviewed C 'Em Walkin Ranch — 5 star Top quality horses .Would definitely do business with again.

Renee Jacocks reviewed C 'Em Walkin Ranch — 5 star If you are looking for honest, good quality stock on top of responsible breeding, this is your place for quality walking horses!


Susan Stapf reviewed C 'Em Walkin Ranch — 5 star



Karen DeNaro/Elliottsburg, PA

Congratulations on the article in The Voice about C'Em Walkin Ranch! Wanted to let you know I'm so proud to have a great filly from your farm! Hoping she can go for training this spring.



Mitra Roberts/OH

I often bring friends to the ranch when the foals are about a month old. I began following each year's letter names and babies at letter 'F'. My turn came up during the J years, that's when a little buckskin filly got the name Joanie. She is the most beautiful, curious, smart, and loving girl. She's a year and a half now and we are really looking forward to out first ride together. The foals get special socialization and handling at C'Em Walkin Ranch, I haven't met a foal there I wasn't in love with.



Katherine Carter/KY

Purchased a foal from Michelle 5 years ago. I couldn't be happier with my girl . A very quick learner and lovely personality. She loves to please and be with me. She makes me laugh and smile alot . Great conformation and breeding.



Rebecca Midkiff Huff/Fordsville, Kentucky

Awesome people with superb stock! My purchase of a 5 month old colt was professional, friendly and enjoyable in every way.

Two of our offspring on the cover of Venue



Stephanie Abel/Youngstown OH

I must say that I am very pleased with my colt that I purchased from C'Em Walkin' Ranch. He has been a joy from the day we picked him up. He is playful, but minds his manners. He allows us to brush him and clean his hooves and rub his ears without incident. He has such a great personality. He loaded well too. The haul home was pretty good too for a 5 and half hour ride. We take him for walks, use equipment around him to help desensitize him to noises now while he is young. He has taken everything with a grain of salt. Not spooky. Michelle was great to work with during the process. She answered all of my questions, and sent pictures of him as he was growing so I could see how he grew before we were able to bring him home. I was only able to go see him one time before bringing him home, and we were welcomed with open arms, encouraged to stay as long as we would like to and get to know him and play with him! She was very welcoming the morning we went to pick him up and bring him home as well, invited us to come sit on the porch with them, and even gave us a dozen eggs from their farm to bring home, which were very good, by the way!! The paperwork for the registry was well put together by Michelle, which made it quite easy to get him registered too!! I couldn't have asked for an easier owner to work with, and don't think I could have gotten any better of a colt than what I have in our Emperor Zeus. I would not hesitate to purchase another baby from this couple again!!! If it was half as good as Zeus, it would be a blessing!! Thank you, Stephanie Abel and Kenneth Finnemore


India Shotts/Columbus, OH

OH I am Lucky To have found C'Em Walkin Ranch . The training these foals receive is awesome, the staff and owners are wonderful and they make you feel like your part of a close family. You are invited to visit your foal anytime you want and to come and learn along with your foal in the training sessions. There is a real camaraderie here that's easy to get hooked on. They produce quiet, relaxed, happy horses that love what they do and want to please! I recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for that special horse.



Jamie Augustine/Athens, Wi

Loved meeting Michelle for the first time. She was so easy to talk to and work with. I fell in love with her horses. They are all so sweet! I bought my beautiful blue roan mare from Michelle. She is one of the most awesome horses I own. Rail to trail. I would not hesitate to buy another horse from Michelle. She knows great breeding and confirmation and will answer any questions you have. Thank you Michelle, C 'Em Walkin Ranch!



Judy Gaines/Albany, OH

Super nice people. Great to do business with and most of all Beautiful Horses!


Bridgett Russ Leppin/Altamont, IL

Michelle, along with my husband planned a special surprise for a colt that I had an eye on. I am forever greatful. Thanks so much!


James Birthisel/Ripley, WV

Just wanted to say congrats on another year of amazing foals! It's good to see you always keep your standards high & it shows! Not just breeding for color but for conformation & natural gait! So many people get a homozygous horse & breed to anything to get color without conformation or gait. Keep up the good work! You are what TWH is all about!


Brandie Hart/Cincinnati, OH

I had walking horses when I met Michelle. I started looking didn't think I would want a baby Falen was only two weeks old when I fell in love his personality was to die for and his conformation but I waited BC there were more to come so I waited it didn't work I just wanted more lol point to the story is you can't go wrong with Michelle's baby's I know I didn't and I ended up with another one of her baby's. I have built my breeding stock off three of Michelle's they are good minded, easy to work. So if you want the total package you can't go wrong with her offspring!!!!


Jeannie Blackwell/Fulton, NY

Everyone at C'Em Walkin Ranch was very nice. The horses are very well taking care of, they are all nice and they love attention. You can tell that they are handled daily and are not just out in the field 24 seven. The colt that I am buying is everything I was looking for plus some. He is awesome looking loves attention and he let my one year old grandson pet his ears and face and he just stood there. If you are thinking about buying a horse This is the place to go.


Terri Studer/West Chester, OH

After I lost my favorite mare, I had quite a few people want to sell me horses. I looked for several years to find the combination of ability/temperament that I was looking for. Was fairly sure I saw it in Michelle's babies, especially in Folly, and every day since I see more and more what I want in this mare. She's smart, pretty, and talented. I think Michelle has found the right mix of breeding and handling of her babies that bring out the bes in them. I would always recommend to friends looking for nice quality trail to rail gaited horses.


picTammy Rhodes/Danville, PA

I bought Dezi from C ‘Em Walkin Ranch October 08, and I couldn't be happier.. I bought her sight unseen from Michelle.  I was was on equine.com and fell in love with her. When she was delivered I cried she was everything Michelle told me plus more. Michelle is wonderful to deal with and will go out of her way helping you and answering the hundred questions you have.  LOL  Dezi is  joy to work with, she is a very fast learner and has wonderful manners. Michelle I want to thank you for everything..you and the trainers spending the time with Dezi really paid off. She loves attention and gives kisses, I haven't seen her be afraid of anything yet-and we walked 1 mile down my driveway to get the mail and she had perfect manners. She is great at being in the cross ties and having her feet picked up and cleaned and she parks out like a dream too. After such a long trailer ride to get here she wasn't the least bit afraid of the trailer she loaded beautifully for me. She has the best conformation I have seen on any baby. Now I can't wait until she is old enough to ride!! Dezi also gaits like a dream in the pasture and you should see her rack. She is beautiful. I can' t wait to see the 2009 offspring of The Artistic FX. Show season is around the corner and I can't wait!! Thank you so much Michelle. I will definitely keep you updated on our progress. (Tammy is planning on showing Dezi in halter classes, watch for this wonderful pair!)


pic Debbie Lawson/River Trail Farms, Lerona WV email: dlawson@arh.org

Purchased Oct 08..I was very pleased with my purchase of Kasey Kahne, stud colt, I am very pleased with his quality and health. He is a very well made colt and has an excellent way of going. This colt will be shown and will be standing at stud in WV in a few years. I also would recommend C ‘Em Walkin Ranch when purchasing your next horse as Michelle was very professional and the health and quality of this colt was outstanding.


pic Wendy Griffith/Bonner Springs, KS

I purchased Dundee from Michelle June 08 and I have to say it was truly a wonderful colt buying experience.  She answered all my questions promptly and was very honest about everything.  I purchase my colt sight unseen and when he arrived at my barn he was everything Michelle had promised him to be.  He definitely is a superior colt and a joy to own.  Thank you for everything, Wendy

pic Kimberly & Kevin Campbell/Somerset, KY

Purchased Diva Dec 08:     I just want to say thank you for all the help you have giving me in making this a special Christmas for my wife, she was totally surprised and was so excited that we had to put off opening the rest of the gifts so we could  play w/ diva. You where right we are very pleased w/ her and how she handles, I will keep in touch if you don't mind w/ (questions and such) and will recommend your farm to my friends that may be looking for horses. I just wanted to say we could not be happier.



picLaureen Kelly/Strongsville, Ohio

I purchased a champagne and white filly on 8/31/07.  She was 3 and a half months old when I picked her up. She is beautiful and a pleasure to work with. She is very smart and catches on easily.  I love her and hope to make her a wonderful riding horse in a couple of years.  She walks right up to me when I go to get her from the pasture.

I saw a picture of her on equine.com and fell in love with her, I knew then that she was coming home with me.  I purchased this filly sight unseen. UPDATE: 4/15/08  Luna's eyes are like a light hazel green. not blue anymore.  I can't wait to send you pictures of her, she sure is beautiful. Everyone who comes to the barn to visit spend more time at her stall, providing she's in it and just stare at her.  She loves the attention. UPDATE 8/10/08 My riding instructor put a circingle and lots of pads on Luna then side reins, long lines and drove her.  Luna did awesome, she did not mind anything, followed commands and seemed to enjoy it all.  She is wonderful, I can't wait to get on her.  Nothing appears to phase this horse when she understands what she is supposed to do.  I love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!



pic Tammy Huinker/Bondurant, Iowa

Purchased Daisy, sight unseen July, 2008:

Last night Daisy was eating hay with Mia and I walked out and said " come here and I'll brush you"  she left the food and came to the gate!  I brushed her down (she stood great) and I have been working with ;  walk, whoah and turn.  (neck reining) with the lead rope...she is being exceptionally willing?!?  WOW.  I will send you pictures as soon as I bathe her this weekend (we'll see how well she does...ha ha.  Nothing seems to scare her... noises..movement...we are testing whatever we can think of. 


pic Lori Murphy/Roanoke VA

I had bought a horse before who had been "helped" to act like a very calm and cool horse. As soon as I bought that horse and he was brought off the trailer at my house, he acted more like a horse who needed a cage instead of a stall. He was definitely not the same quiet horse I had purchased just days before. Things turned out well in the end but I know how there are "horse people" out there who cannot be trusted.

I bought Cloud from Michelle from equine.com in June 2006 just by looking at pictures over the internet and talking to Michelle over the phone. Of course, I absolutely fell in love with his pictures but I could tell just by talking to Michelle that she was a very honest, dependable person who knew what she was talking about when it came to horses. We made a trip to Ohio to see Cloud after I had paid my downpayment and I couldn't have been happier with my decision. My family and I loved the way she cared for her horses and ran her business. Each mare and foal receives individual care and attention. Michelle really loves her horses. Even though it was a long trip from home, my family and I agreed that we couldn't have bought a foal from a better person. When Cloud was finally able to be weaned and brought home, the trait that stood out the most on him was how trusting he was of people. It was just obvious that he had only had positive experiences with people. There wasn't a reason in the world for him not to trust people. He is 8 months old now and is growing up to be a wonderful horse. He runs up to us out in the field, which I think I owe to Michelle for the trusting nature and disposition he came with. He is very reasonable and level-headed and smart, smart, smart. Always thinking! Not to mention, he has an incredible natural gait that I can't wait to ride!

UPDATE: 9/9/08: Cloud is doing really well. We love him to pieces. I thought my horses were personable but he makes them look boring. I've put a bareback pad on him twice in the past 2 weeks. I actually turn him out when I'm working around in the barn, IN THE BACKYARD!!! He doesn't go far from me, constantly coming over to "help" me. Maybe I'm treating him like a dog but I think it's teaching him independence. He has no desire to leave people. My dad was washing cars and he'll walk up there, visit him, come down to the barn, see me. Anyway, I put the bareback pad on and just let him graze in the barnyard while I do barn chores. Sometimes I wish I had another his age for him to play him. Last night, I went out and sat in the field with him; he just follows me around everywhere and is much more interested in "talking to me" than grazing.




picGeorge & Robie Bivens/Louisiana

We purchased a weanling colt from an ad on the internet, and we are well satisfied with him. He was imprinted at birth, and he definitely has a great disposition and is very affectionate. We got him home and found that is a quick learner and eager to please. We are well satisfied with this colt. We purchased this colt sight unseen.


picpicAimee Crescend/Louisville, KY

I bought my first colt from C_em Walkin Ranch in April 2006. Actually, I called first to ask about some geldings for sale. From the first minute into the conversation, I knew that I was dealing with someone who really knew what she was talking about...and I knew she really LOVED horses. Michelle spoke to me about everything...the difference between buying a baby and buying an adult horse. She actually helped me figure out what was best for me and what I wanted out of having a horse. I knew that I definitely wanted to see her colts ASAP! My first time at C'em Walkin Ranch I felt right at home! Michelle let me meet all the Mares...they were all SO SWEET! I couldn't really believe how beautiful they all were...and the babies...oh my gosh! They were so cute...and EXTREMELY friendly! I fell in love with my little filly from the first day. My horse is 2 now...and absolutely gorgeous! Her gait is amazing, I couldn't ask for a better disposition! My experience was so great...I actually bought my 2nd filly from C_em Walkin Ranch 3 months later! Once again...she has an amazing gait, beautiful spots, and an amazing disposition. If I could own 1 colt from every mare at C_em Walkin Ranch, I would! I couldn't have asked for 2 better Mares!!!!


pic Kenny Sommerville, Cincinnati, Ohio

I bought my first horse ever from C Em Walkin Ranch in June of 2006. From the first time I visited, I knew, that's where I wanted to get my filly. All the mares were so well behaved, and friendly. Ivanna is a homozygous spotted filly and she is GORGEOUS!! She was leading and trailer loading when I picked her up. She is now 2 yrs. old, very friendly, and unbelievably smart. I'm actually using her to help teenagers with disabilities. I would recommend C Em Walkin Ranch to anyone looking for weanlings!!!!


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