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Check in late Feb 2014

Mares will begin foaling and be on foaling cams

2014 Offspring Highlights/Summary


Vision's Blue Delight

- 50% chance Blue Roan Tobiano

- 50% chance Smoky Blue Roan Tobiano

Cricket's Chocolate Chip

-will be homozygous Tobiano

-possible double or single dilute

Miss Sedona

-possible max white sabino

Gold Flirt

- 50% buckskin

-50% bay


With the exception of Gold Flirt all foals will be sabino, tobiano or sabino/tobiano







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C Em Walkin Ranch
is a mid-size Tennessee Walker breeding farm, located just north of Cincinnati Ohio. We specialize in raising Homozygous Tobiano,Overo, Sabino, Solid, Roan, and Cream offspring.

We take pride in raising our colorful babies. Our breeding operation and reputation is based on producing excellent Conformation, Natural Gait and Good Disposition! We really strive to keep quality in this excellent breed. Color is a pretty feature but we believe its more important to have the correct conformation and a good natural gait. Our foals are a pleasure to be around and are worked with and handled daily. They are started right with 100% trust in people.

To sum it up, Save your money on training and invest in a smart, quality, naturally gaited walker. When they're started right from the breeding to training, the glide ride is natural and they learn willingly and quickly. Our references prove it!

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About this wonderful breed!


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Examples of our Offspring (Sold)














Thanks to all return customers and new for giving our babies wonderful homes!



If you would live to view more offspring please visit the Stallion's or Mare's page and click on their page link, many to see.



Our foals are raised on a 30 acre ranch, turned out daily and stalled evenings. They are imprinted daily and surrounded by kids, dogs, cats, 4 wheelers, etc. See our References


Please explore this site to learn more. Call or email us to learn more about our breeding and referral services.


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