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Miss Sedona (Gracie)


Gracie will be bred back to C'Em Shake N Bake in 2016 sabino (possible max white) TWH colt (see full siblings below)



We purchased Gracie from a very good friend in KY in 2009, She's proven to be an excellent addition to our line up. She's thrown nice, naturally gaited colts for us by two different stallions. Gracie is also an excellent trail mount!





Max White Sabino Stud colt x C'Em Shake N Bake






Black Sabino Filly x C'Em Shake N Bake




Palomino Tobiano Filly x Flashy Tuff Pusher



Black Tobiano/sabino stud colt x Alen's Gen Pusher



Black Tobiano Stud Colt x Alen's Gen Pusher